Louise O’hara

Louise O’hara


My core business, Amellior Business Support Ltd. has been in operation since 2007. We are essentially a team of hard-working, dedicated and experienced Virtual Assistants (VAs), marketing experts, social media practitioners, credit control assistants, HR administrators, event planners, management consultants, and more, and there is rarely a business support role that we cannot fulfil, however large or small. Our clients might be struggling with their to-do list or may just need an extra pair of capable hands to help with tasks that need urgent attention. Or, we may be strategising at high level with a start-up or established business, or running a marketing campaign or a business project. We may be helping companies establish and manage their Corporate Social Responsibility frameworks, or we may be helping a sole practitioner get their accounts in order. We are also great planners and thinkers. Creativity and common sense form the backbone of our company ethos, and we can help clients plan their company’s “exit” from the current crisis


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