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White Glove / High Value Asset


Here at Hackett & Hackett we provide a bespoke global service catering for a range of niche industries with specialisations in the film and fashion sectors.

We can work as your logistic partner providing a one stop solution to your transportation, storage, and installation needs. With over 10 years of experience, we have highly skilled charge hands who will oversee your property and stock. We take a proactive approach, and you’ll be in safe hands. 

We work with global fashion brands and provide a host of creative disciplines to support them in event logistics. We also work with interior designer clients throughout the world.

Our high value asset delivery service is second to none. We provide highly trained operatives working in a discreet manner at all times. We use a range of unmarked vehicles; however, our clients can choose to use their own vehicles and be assured the environment will carry the highest level of security. Our White Glove service introduces heritage and specialist car movements together with a security detail.



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