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Hackett & Hackett are associated with Pure Funding Services Pure Funding Services are an independent asset finance broker based in Poole, Dorset. • Experience born from success in the motor industry dealing with high end brands and consumers alike. • Linked directly to AFS (UK) Compliance, Money Facts Award and Broker of the Year Award winners 2019. • Access to over 70 Asset Funding Providers. • Hard and Soft Asset Funding • Ease and Convenience via AFS (UK) Compliance Portal • Competitive Rates for Tier 1 through to Tier 3 Clients Our keen eye for detail, all-embracing expertise and individuality set us apart from all other players in the market.

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Hire Purchase

  • A straight-forward agreement with fixed monthly payments will look to a Hire Purchase agreement when buying a new or previously owned car.
  • A Hire Purchase agreement is easy to set up with the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) agreed in advance of the agreement being signed. With a Hire Purchase agreement, it will have fixed monthly payments over a typical period of three to four years and unlike a personal loan, the security is the car itself which means most lenders can be more flexible with their offerings.
  • During the period of the Hire Purchase agreement, you are the Registered Keeper, however the legal owner of the car is the finance provider, until the whole loan and option to purchase fee has been fully paid.

Lease Purchase

  • A Lease Purchase agreement gives you the client an opportunity to purchase that dream car or upgrade your existing car without necessarily increasing you monthly expenditure. With a Lease Purchase agreement, in most cases, a deposit will be required at the start and an agreed amount will be pre- determined by the finance provider (based on age and mileage of the vehicle at the end of the agreement) which will be a deferred payment, also known as a balloon at the end of the agreement. The active benefit of a Lease Purchase agreement is that the agreement can be tailored to be a client’s budget requirements.
  • As with a Hire Purchase, the agreement is secured on the vehicle and registered in the client name, however full legal title and ownership remains with the lender until the full loan has been repaid and the option to purchase fee has been paid too

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

• A PCP agreement is increasingly popular among those who look to keep their car for three to four years at a time and want to enjoy lower monthly repayments. It is similar to a Lease Purchase in that the balloon value is determined by the age of the car, its current mileage and its mileage at the end of the agreement. However, unlike a Lease Purchase agreement, a PCP agreement does allow you to hand the car back to the finance company using the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value feature, also known as an Optional Final Payment. Hand back options are quite cost effective providing the car is in good repair and condition and that there are no excess mileage charges. (refer to lender for terms and conditions).


  • As we all lead busy lives, very often our circumstances are subject to change while the finance agreement Is running. We take a look at the current agreement and settlement status, the discuss the matter in detail regarding what the client is trying to achieve. A new agreement could be just to reduce monthly costs, or if the asset is being kept for a longer period of time, a new agreement with an extended term could suit a client’s needs.
  • A Re-Finance discussion can be done at anytime the current agreement is live or at the end of the agreement. We at Pure Funding Services believe it is better to look at the options available prior to the end of the agreement rather than at the last minute, this means we can find the perfect solution to suit a client’s needs.

Other Services

Vehicle Brokerage

  • With many years experience in the retail motor sector, we have access to main dealer groups where we can obtain deals not necessarily available to general public.
  • Specialists in locating extremely rare classic cars.
  • Access to build slots for supercars and hypercars.
  • Sales brokerage for client vehicle disposals

Other Finance Solutions

Business Expansion
Commercial Mortgages
Shop, Office and Warehouse Re- Fits  BusinessLoans
 Renewable Energy
 Cash Flow / Working Capital


Hackett & Hackett is an independent commercial finance broker not a lender, as such we can introduce you to a wide range of finance providers depending on your requirements and circumstances. We are not independent financial advisors and so are unable to provide you with independent financial advice. Hackett & Hackett may receive payment(s) or other benefit from the finance provider if you decide to enter into an agreement with them.

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Which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under number 625035. Hackett & Hackett aims to provide our customers with the highest standards of service. If our service fails to meet your requirements and you would like to report a complaint; please click on the link below;

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